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Quarterly Newsletter

  Hey Everyone,

   Yard Elves Inc. staff wishes to thank all of our 2004 customers and vendors. Thanks to you all we had a tremendously successful 2004. As Yard Elves expands and ventures into new areas and projects we can't forget how we arrived at this amazing crossroad. Last year we were able to once again give the highest quality products and services we can and at the same time produce a record amount of completed installations.

  Yard Elves Inc. was able to secure a contract with a major Rail-Road for our Tree Services Division. They were out there "working on the railroad all the live long day."  Clearing the tracks of debris is a vitally important safety measure for everyone. This is another example of the dynamics of our corporation and the new levels of commitment to our customers both large and small.

  In 2004 Yard Elves witnessed numerous job related completions.  We would like to share with you some behind the scenes instances of our Elves at work.

  During the summer our office got a call from a woman who said her cat was stuck in a tree.  Just when you thought you had heard it all.  She further related that the fire and rescue services were unable to assist her.  Utilizing a bucket lift from our tree division, we went to the location.  While on the phone,  the woman had indicated her cat was 30 -40 feet in the tree which seemed to be no problem for us.  Our lift is 65 feet so we knew we could handle the rescue.  Once we arrived there, the cat was so high up in the tree we couldn't even see him. The cat went from 30-40 feet to 75 very quickly.  After some coercion, and many nervous bystanders on the ground, we rescued the cat (later to be identified as Styles) from the tree and safely into the hands of his parents.

  We also had a gentleman later in the year call and leave us a message saying that he was having dreams about Elves and that he couldn't get them out of his mind.   It was very interesting for lack of a better term. We hope he found help for his dilemma.

  We are pleased to report that there has not been a break this winter for our staff.  We continue to be busy through the off season, on construction projects in all areas, south of Denver all the way to Estes Park, and all cities in between. 

  I'll return in my next newsletter to share more of our adventures and experiences throughout the state.  In the meantime should you have any comments or questions, please always feel free to contact our office here at Yard Elves.

Thanks again!!

Alan R. Horne

Owner/Manager Y.E.Inc.                                                                                                                       



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