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Stone Patios, Walkways & Cut Stone Edging

Yard Elves masons will offer all of these outstanding features for your convenience...

  • Stone Patio and Walkway Design and Installation
  • Stone Weather Protection Solutions
  • Patching and Sealing
  • Huge Aggregate Product Line
  • Highest Quality Underlay
  • High Grade Tamping Service

  You will be inevitably impressed with our award winning masonry division.  We offer a full selection of cut flagstone and informal flagstone patios, walkways , and edging.  Our masons are some of the most skilled in the area.  Attention to detail is the key to a solid project.   From the design to the underlay, your flagstone patio will be individual to you.  Using our website you can click on the materials page and there you will find some of the colors and textures you may pick from and start planning your addition today.

Stone Patios

  We offer a complete line of colors and textures to choose from.  Literally any shape, size, color and depth.  We have many design ideas than you can incorporate into your existing landscape or you can have your patio be the focal point of your yard.  Simple round sitting areas or multi level patios with stairs whatever the case may be.  A perfect spot to entertain your guests. Let us sit down with you and design your patio in time for the summer.  With luxury and a natural appearance in mind, flagstone patios, terraces and pool decks complete the outdoor living space of any home. Availability in pattern sizes or irregular pieces, flagstone is unlimited in design scope and blends naturally with other building construction material in both formal and casual.

Patios and walks are blended into existing grade, with a minimum of disturbance to surrounding lawns and gardens, and the proper pitch  (approximately 1½% grade) set to appear level and still drain water away from the house.  Please view some examples of our flagstone patios below.

Stone Walkways

   If you have an area in your yard that you would like to showcase, or if you simply have an unsightly worn area in your lawn, you might want to install a stone walkway.  Our abilities to use the proper materials for the effect intended, comes from knowledge gained over the years.  Using the proper color and shading of brick and stone to complement your residence are important considerations. We not only do that, but also take the texture and shape of the materials into account so they provide a natural look in their setting.

  From walkways to patios built into their natural setting, we work with the site and nature's intent. Our construction looks like it belongs there.

Cut Stone Edging

   One step in installing a good-looking landscape is selecting a good edging. A good edging not only separates the lawn from a shrub bed but it also supports your lawnmower wheel when you mow around the landscape. Stripstone is most frequently used for edging. These stones are square or rectangular with consistent size, shapes and colors, making them easy to match. Enhancing a tree ring or an entire bed area, stone cut edging can add that small touch that all high quality landscapes deserve.

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