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Irrigation Design and Installation

We offer the following Fort Collins irrigation services for new and existing lawns:

  • Sprinkler Design, Installation, Repair
  • Spring Activations/Winterizations Blow Outs
  • Back-Flow Testing
  • Trenched or Trenchless Installation
  • Extension or Reduction of Existing Systems
  • Rain Sensor Installation
  • Drip Irrigation systems
  • Emergency service calls

Our irrigation services cover the greater Northern Colorado Front Range from Longmont to Fort Collins.

   When the Fort Collins irrigation division arrives at a jobsite they come fully equipped to tackle any obstacle that might present itself.  There is a 25 foot enclosed rolling workshop with a full inventory that is always stocked.  They have the capability of installing several complete irrigation systems just with the inventory on hand.

   We ensure overall quality of the irrigation system.  The purpose of an irrigation system is to apply supplemental water that is needed by turf and landscape plants when natural moisture and rainfall is not sufficient.  A quality irrigation system is required to effectively distribute this supplemental water in a way that maintains healthy turf and landscape plants while conserving and protecting water resources. Our irrigation systems are designed to be efficient and to uniformly distribute the water.  Your irrigation system should be regularly maintained to keep the integrity of the design and to sustain the efficient and uniform distribution of the water.  To conserve water, the irrigation schedule should be changed or controlled as required depending on weather changes and environmental conditions.  Yard Elves provides a rain sensor on every installation which, according to precipitation, will shut down your system when it is not necessary to water.

   Zone layout  is based on soil properties, slope, plant materials water requirements, root zone depth, weather conditions, site conditions, supply pressure, and minimum acceptable application rates. Other factors such as soil infiltration rate, slope, and design are considered when selecting nozzles and sprinkler heads to reduce the potential for runoff. Proper irrigation can minimize how much fertilizer and other chemicals are leached past the root zone of the grass or washed away by runoff.  Runoff occurs because the soil is unable to absorb the water being applied.  Runoff is affected by the precipitation rate of the sprinkler, the length of time the sprinkler is left running and the irrigation application slope, soil type, and root depth.  Conserving water resources is one of the best ways to maintain high water quality.  Don't use more than is needed.

   The plan will be part of a comprehensive landscape management plan that will address other cultural practices and issues such as mowing, fertilizing, etc. The irrigation system is a management tool and cannot replace the sound judgment of trained professionals.


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