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About Yard Elves

Yard Elves Landscaping

Yard Elves is first and foremost a professional enterprise with an experienced and responsible staff.  All Yard Elves employees are held to a high standard of dress and conduct while on the job.

We are fully licensed, registered, insured, and incorporated in the State Of Colorado and many surrounding states.  Yard Elves guarantees every job.  Total customer satisfaction is our promise.  Any and all customer needs are catered to quickly and responsibly within 48 hours of notification.

Yard Elves is one of the largest, most dynamic leaders in the landscaping industry.  With more than 70 years experience combined through our senior staff members, Yard Elves sets the standard for quality workmanship and customer service.

Yard Elves has a full time, full season office manager and secretarial staff to assure punctuality in scheduling, accuracy, and attention to detail.  Professional, knowledgeable and always courteous, our staff is always prepared to serve our customers.  Many companies in this industry do not offer year round service.  We feel it is imperative to customer satisfaction.

Our Field supervisors approach to construction is from a "customer participation" point of view.  This doesn't mean that the customer works... but it does mean the customer is involved in every aspect of the project.  In essence our supervisors are in contact with the customer daily, throughout the course of the project.  Ideally this provides the customer the chance to have an overall view of the process and all the steps involved.  This virtually eliminates guesswork and miscommunication. Many companies in this industry do not offer you the chance to be involved.  We feel you need to be involved to assure you get exactly what you want.

Yard Elves has a Professional Design Division which further eliminates guesswork.  With a degree in Landscape Architecture you can sit down and watch your ideas come to life.  You can pick plants, shrubs, trees, rock, mulch, what colors, placement and virtually any other option.  You can even choose what items bloom and when.  All this and it can be presented to you in Computer Aided Design format.  This is something, once again, many companies do not offer and that we at Yard Elves feel is a necessity.  A custom design virtually eliminates guesswork and you can change, add and move items at your discretion.

For a more detailed description of our divisions click on the headings at the top of this page and thank you for your interest in our company.  We are looking forward to serving you in the future.


               Yard Elves Management



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